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eShop Pro v2.0 is released!
We have added some new features in this version of eShop Pro CMS.

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I recommend eSolutionz as a highly reliable and professional web development company. They developed a big B2C marketplace for us. The project was done on time and on budget that was extremely important for our organization.

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    The global market brings new challenges for every business nowadays. Ever increasing competition and rapidly changing markets require businesses to stay alert, react quicker and perform better. Our solutions help clients to drive business value from technology investments and capitalize on increased sales opportunities, cost efficiencies, new revenue stream generation and enhanced communications with customers, partners, suppliers, employees.

  In all our projects we are focused on partnering with our clients. We thoroughly study your particular business requirements to define an appropriate solution. We couple our technology competence with business domain knowledge and expertise to deliver solutions that meet the unique requirements of your industry and business.

Our efficient project management methodology, proven delivery model and customer-oriented approach guarantee every project's success. eSolutionz enables businesses to get a new competitive edge delivering robust internet solutions in the following domains:








 B2C and B2B eCommerce 

eCommerce is an essential part of your business success in today's fast growing global economy. It is not even a question of stepping ahead of the market but not to fall behind it.

eSolutionz provides complete eCommerce solutions from eShop to integrated eCommerce systems tailored to customer's business needs. eSolutionz has extensive experience and offers development of any kind of eCommerce applications with comprehensive features:

  Dynamic Product Catalogs
  Secure Ordering Management
  Payment Systems Integration
  Shipping, Taxing Systems
  Merchandising & Inventory Management
  Customer Tools & Services
  Online Auction Mechanisms
  Procurement Management
  Sales Analysis & Site Tracking

eSolutionz develops solutions that are both functional and scalable for your operation. Our eCommerce systems combine a stimulating shopping experience with an advanced back-office management making online buying and selling simple for you and your customers.


 eShop Pro CMS (Commerce Management Solution)
eShop Pro

eShop Pro CMS v2.0 is released!

eShop Pro CMS is a world class eCommerce infrastructure, specifically designed to service the needs of the most discerning online seller.

eSolutionz’s fully redundant, modular architecture boasts cutting-edge features such as:

  Intelligent load balancing
  Highly available, clustered databases
  SSL acceleration
  The latest data compression techniques

eSolutionz’s storefront technology creates eCommerce destinations that do more than just process transactions, they capture the client’s brand, effectively merchandise products, streamline the checkout process, and ensure online success.

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 eBusiness Solutions 

Growing demand on quality and comprehensive software solutions for Web-based business initiatives has changed the requirements that service providers and product suppliers make to eBusiness applications. Pure technology is no longer sufficient for making an eBusiness solution right for a business. That is why our custom eBusiness solutions development services are not mere technological components assembling but thorough stage-by-stage process that includes our clients’ business analysis, determining the points that need technological impact, identifying the right programming means, development of the application, and systems integration.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Understanding that effective customers’ relationships management is the primary asset of any business, eSolutionz is focused on development of CRM applications that tailor all aspects of interactions a company can have with its customers into a convenient and efficient framework that has the following features:

  Streamlined lead management, leads qualification, sorting and scoring
  Multiple users types and configurable security roles
  Advanced facilities of customers behavior tracking and analysis
  Comprehensive events scheduling, data mining, analytics and reporting tools
  Integrated telephony, IVR, Web and wireless communication channels
  Web-enabled access to the system

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Effective SCM solutions give businesses an integrated suit of costs and efforts saving tools that streamline production planning, sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing of goods or services and products delivery operations, aligning them with the elements of a business competitive strategy. Depending on precise business needs, eSolutionz provides supply chain management solutions with the following embedded features:

  Suppliers, partners and customers unified database organization and management tools
  Effective procurement, product flow and delivery tracking facilities
  Warehouse management and inventory automation features
  Advanced event notifications, reporting and statistics subsystems
  Enhanced documents flow management and support for customizable documents templates
  Collaborative demand planning and forecasting instruments

Knowledge Management

Making timely and informed decisions is one of the most important business success factors. Knowledge management systems are intended to help businesses collect, store, process, and disseminate information faster and more efficiently, improving the quality of inner business communications and levels of apprising.  We use the following technological advances to develop a comprehensive suit for an enterprise data gathering, organizing, sharing and workflow streamlining:

  Data entry templates, OCR and scanning automation, support for voice, graphic and video data entry formats
  Data organizing facilities including cataloging, filtering, linking and robust data search tools
  Data collaboration algorithms for diverse databases integration, data compacting and mining
  Multiple levels of information access and user roles
  Web-based access to document libraries and data management tools

Workflow Management

Resultant management and ongoing control over business processes is the way that leads to increased business efficiency, improved customers’ satisfaction, and reduced costs. eSolutionz provides thorough workflow management solutions for business processes specification, execution and control that involve the following options:

  Coordination of all business processes into the single interface
  Tailoring diverged data into corporate-established formats
  Unification of communication processes
  Robust data structuring, archiving, retrieval, routing, sharing and searching facilities
  Event-driven, proactive scheduling and alerting tools


 eLearning Systems 

Using information technologies in the learning process has become the measure of innovation and effectiveness of an educational approach. We realize the need of progressive educational services providers for stable, efficient and flexible eLearning solutions. Therefore, at eSolutionz we invest time and efforts into driving the assets of technology to development of eLearning products that enable effective knowledge propagation and transforming learning into an exciting and engaging experience.

Custom Courseware

Depending on specific needs of a training process, we supply our solutions with a comprehensive set of options for effective content delivery and management:

  Ready-to-deploy custom templates that ease online learning content building and migration
  Facilities for integration of any type of existing training material created with the help of Flash, MS Office, Adobe products and other tools
  Support for various information presentation methods, including text and media illustration, animation, simulation, audio and video
  User-friendly time-saving content management options
  Advanced scheduling features for better course planning, content delivery and changing


eSolutionz testing systems development process is oriented at providing a complete framework for online tests building, delivering and scoring. The testware that we develop may include the following options:

  Customized test bank organizer that facilitates tests creation and structuring
  Advanced options for questions randomization
  Instant feedback options for organizers and participants interactions
  Adaptive scoring subsystem based on question grouping and test structure
  Database storage of students’ information and testing results

Students Information Systems

Focusing on requirements that educational organizations has to students’ data management, eSolutionz provides full-functional information systems that embed the following options:

  Handy tools for students’ records creation and administration
  Robust attendance, progress, grades and other statistics tracking, analysis and reporting subsystems
  Schedule builder for effective courses and events scheduling, eliminating possible time and resources conflicts
  Integration with existing eLearning facilities and solutions

Interactive Content and Applications

We use the following technological facilities to ease the understanding of complex products and concepts via interactive content delivery:

  Design of simulations close to real time actions and consequences
  Wrapping existing content into interactive suit and embedding tools for custom interactive content making
  Audio and video materials integration and management facilities
  Creation of PDA versions for interactive media

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