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I recommend eSolutionz as a highly reliable and professional web development company. They developed a big B2C marketplace for us. The project was done on time and on budget that was extremely important for our organization.

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   eSolutionz is a "One-Stop" web development company delivering its services to businesses worldwide facing the ever-changing technological challenges of clients and providing them with scalable internet solutions. We offer a complete set of services from custom website design to advanced internet application development.

  Our specialists are equipped to create a dynamic online presence to promote your business on the web, develop truly functional web application to serve your specific business needs, add Intranet/Extranet solution, re-develop or improve your existing system adding functionality and effectiveness. Our proven strategy and attention to details applied to our technical expertise ensures our customers robust and cost-effective solutions.

Website Services

   Website Design / Redesign

   Content Management Systems

   Database-driven Portals  

   Component Programming

   Graphic Design

Application Services

  New Application Development

  Reengineering and Migration

  Intranets / Extranets Development

  Open Source Software Integration

  Database Development

 Website Design / Redesign

A truly well designed website can turn into a strong marketing tool, the primary objective of which is to accentuate your company's identity, thus enabling you to differentiate from your competition and making your business succeed in our highly competitive biz world. By addressing our highly-qualified team of professionals you will attain a full spectrum of website services.

Deploying the most advanced technological tools, our team of professionals is equipped to provide you with fresh and creative design and graphic solutions, giving your website a distinctive and eye-catching look. Our designs are user-focused and easy to navigate. We aim at the creation of well-balanced websites, which presupposes harmonious combination of many essential constituents:

  general layout
  color compatibility
  space usage
  easy navigation

At close cooperation with our design experts you will be able to put your ideas into view and create memorable images of your business on the web. Moreover having a solid experience in web development we can empower your website with a comprehensive functionality (front-end and back-end) turning it from just a presentation to a robust business tool.

 CMS-driven Websites

Timely and relevant information drives your website attracting visitors and keeping them coming back again. Whether you have Internet, Intranet or Extranet site, you need a robust and easy-to-use tool to create, edit and publish your content.

eSolutionz develops content management solutions enabling clients to have complete control over their site's content and structure. Our content management system enables you to leverage the following benefits:

  Effective content management
  Rich and engaging user experience
  Faster time-to-market
  Enterprise scalability

 Database-driven Portals 

With extensive hands-on experience in web database design and integration eSolutionz develops dynamic database-driven websites and web applications for a wide range of businesses. No matter if it's a content management on a small website or a complex full-featured CRM eSolutionz provides the best web database programming available. Our quick, effective, and inexpensive database integration solution will allow your company to take advantage of the best technology to expand your business.

Our database-related services include:

  Database design and programming
  Database integration
  Data importing
  Dynamic page creation
  Secure web interface for data entry

We can easily incorporate database driven website functionality into your existing website without extensive re-working of your web site design.

eSolutionz provides database-driven web solutions that are tailored to fit your specific needs and requirements to make your website fast, efficient and functional.


 Component Development 

eSolutionz provides comprehensive interactive components programming and web scripting services. Whether you need to customize the functionality of existing system or create a new application from scratch we have strong design and development skills to deliver robust solutions for your critical problems.

Interactive Components

  Shopping carts
  Online shopping catalogues
  Credit card processing
  Member registration
  Restricted access areas
  Login & password retrieval
  Electronic newsletters and other mailing systems
  Sitewide search
  Database & content specific searching
  Job boards
  Bulletin boards
  Online chat
  Polls and surveys
  Ratings and reviews
  Event calendar
  Advanced administration panels
  Website statistics
  Website forms like "contact us", resume builder, user registration, submission forms etc.
  Live customer support
  and much more…

Our processes and methodology assure stable, well planned and well tested results.


 Graphic Design   

eSolutionz offers a wide range of professional graphic design services including logo design, corporate identity development, multimedia and flash presentations.

We lay solid foundation in web design development. Keeping track of the latest technological innovations we make good use of the most advanced web design tools, thus ensuring the top-notch quality of the end-product and complete satisfaction of our customers. Our step-by-step process guarantees that nothing is overlooked in the final product.


Logo and Corporate Identity

Professionally made and successful corporate identity design and corporate identity logo design contributes apparently to the success of the whole enterprise, because it gives your company and your brand name immediate credibility and lasting recognition.
Our professionals in graphic design are experienced to provide you with fresh and creative ideas for your logo and give it a distinctive and eye-catching look. If you already have a logo, we can advance it into web formats making use of latest graphics programs. We have experience developing logos for various business needs, from visiting cards to business websites.

Our customer-oriented logo design process is specially tailored to meet our clients' specific needs and requirements. Our team of designers helps you to develop the image which you will be proud of.


Multimedia and Flash

Over the last decade Flash has proved to be one of the most fashionable and popular web design technologies. It enables developers and customers to enjoy the complete freedom of creation, creates a favorable impact on visitors and enhances your message.

If you have a product or company that you want to demonstrate a Flash presentation is an effective way to fulfill it. With experts in this field you will use the true power of Flash reinforcing the impression that your site creates. Whatever solutions you choose a flash introduction, a web presentation or flash multimedia it will add attractiveness and dynamics to your project.

eSolutionz makes use of a large set of technologies for the creation of flash application. We deploy the unlimited technological possibilities of Flash when developing solutions that our customers are completely satisfied with. Our flash presentations can be integrated into your current website or burned on to a CD-ROM for your business needs.

Striking full-color Flash animated logo designs impress ones imagination by exciting visual effects and, what is more, do not demand much drive space.


 New Application Development    

eSolutionz helps clients to attain their business goals by designing, developing, integrating and supporting mission critical web applications and systems.

  Through years of experience eSolutionz has gained solid cross-domain experience that    help us easily understand and optimize customers' business processes.
  We thoroughly study customer’s specific needs to building systems that match to those needs.
  Leveraging the full potential of up-to-date technology platforms .NET, Java/J2EE or LAMP we deliver systems with the optimal cost/performance ratio.
  At eSolutionz we are aimed at producing technically complex while elegant and intuitive solutions that cost less to develop and maintain.
  Following an established development methodology based on best industry practices helps  us to ensure successful on-time and on-budget results for clients.

eSolutionz has been working in the field of custom web application development since 1999. Our expert team has taken part in dozens of application development projects. We are experienced in developing advance systems that deal with mass amounts of data and transactions. It is not of importance to us how small or big your company is we provide our customers with solutions for any size of budget. Whether you need more functionality or less, all of our Web applications are tailored to respond to our customers' needs and requirements.

Our team is able to support you with innovative, trustworthy solutions to the most complicated of your business problems. Our experienced technical and project management team will guide you from a business product/service idea to the development of a cost effective solution in an optimal time frame. First-rate technical skills combined with excellent delivery expertise guarantee successful solutions for mission critical problems

Our accountability and concern in excellence ensures your custom web application development project results in an effective, customer unique solution.


 Reengineering and Migration   

Organizations worldwide have been running business based on legacy applications that have evolved for many years across diverse platforms. In the 21st century greater performance efficiency and web-enabled interactivity are needed to support these businesses.

Migration-to-Web of the legacy applications allows organizations to rich two goals of extending the knowledge of these applications, while deploying the execution potential of latest technologies.

Our extended experience in business software applications combined with our applied expertise in the wide set of available web technologies guarantees successful migration of your application to the web.

Migration Steps

  Take a close study of legacy application
  Apprehend business functionality
  Determine technological requirements and risks
  Determine the optimal migration solution regarding your specific situation
  Assure effective realization and smooth migration by means of constant monitoring and project management

After having studied your application and having fully understood its use cases, our highly-qualified experts will build a browser-based version of your application that retains the essential features and takes full advantage of the web platform.


 Intranets / Extranets Development   

Companies' strategic advantage depends on ability to access critical information from anywhere, at anytime. By integrating Internet technology, we can help you create an Intranet or Extranet framework and develop robust information management system. We will create a strong foundation for your corporate knowledge, project or document management, business-to-business extranet, decision support system and more.

Our intranet/extranet applications will help you streamline and automate workflow, collect information on-line, report on data from multiple systems and manage content and documents for multiple departments with centralized data management.

Our intranet/extranet development include:

  Database engine design and development
  Interface design and implementation
  Content organization
  Web services integration
  Messaging solutions to support business processes and workflow

With over 7 years of experience in web application development we will create a powerful and expandable intranet or extranet solution to empower your organization share, distribute and manage data efficiently.


 Open Source Software Integration    

Integration of Open Source technologies in IT projects provides the advantages of flexibility, scalability and cost-savings that these technologies provide.

eSolutionz is experienced in open source software integration with different types of operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc.), middleware (Oracle, DB2, WebSphere, Bea, etc.) and vertical applications (CRMs, billing, etc.) eSolutionz can provide you with this service separately or as a part of a more complex project.

eSolutionz Integration Services will help you to build the most suitable solution using Open Source technologies through Open Source software integration, migration to Open platforms or with custom Open Source development.

eSolutionz will provide the best option among those available by taking advantage of the abundance of the existing open source software.


 Database Development 

Database-driven solutions have given new approaches to effective business information management due to the flexibility of data retrieval, storage and manipulation processes that they provide. Employing the data structuring and processing advantages that databases grant, eSolutionz devotes client-server and web-based applications development process to providing our clients with efficient and scalable solutions suiting contemporary business needs. eSolutionz has solid experience with the following databases: MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL and MS Access.

eSolutionz  database and programming and development services include:


Investigation and Planning

Before starting the database development process, eSolutionz  business analysts perform thorough investigation of our clients’ needs to determine required application capacities and plan the solution architecture accordingly.

Data Modeling

Basing on the types of data that the future solution will manage eSolutionz  database development specialists work out the DB logical schemas, relationships between DB entities and modules to ensure the DB reliability and enhanced performance.

Workflow and User Analysis

Depending on actions that the future DB solution will perform, required amount of users and user types eSolutionz DB specialists elaborate DB tiers, users’ roles and rights suiting the clients’ needs and DB logics.

 Capacity Strategy

Keeping in mind that the amount of processed data can be growing continuously, eSolutionz  gives fullest attention to DBs capacity strategy planning that includes space utilization, standby facilities for possible applications/features adding and performance optimization options.

Interface Design

We impact the usability of the DB solutions that we provide by developing user-friendly DB interfaces allowing effective database administration and data management.

Migration of Legacy Systems and Data

eSolutionz  provides our clients with database implementation services that include integration of existing applications and data with newly developed database solution.

Post-Implementation Review

Depending on actions that the future DB solution will perform, required amount of users and user types eSolutionz DB specialists elaborate DB tiers, users’ roles and rights suiting the clients’ needs and DB logics.

Workflow and User Analysis

After a database solution has been developed and integrated, eSolutionz  specialists perform the final integration and operational checkout to ensure the correct and seamless application performance.

As the result, eSolutionz  supplies tailored-to-business-needs database-driven applications that embed the tools needed for improved business performance and end-users satisfaction.


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